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Here at Supreme Paints & Coatings, our goal is to continually strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence by providing exceptional customer service, affordable pricing, and most importantly the highest quality paints, coatings, and epoxy for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We use only high quality raw materials in our formulations. This enables us to provide our customers with long lasting, high end coatings that maintain their attractive colors and and are able to withstand high traffic, heavy use and extreme weather conditions. 

Whether your project is a commercial or industrial application such as a warehouse, auto shop, showroom, manufacturing plant, hospital, school or gymnasium, or a residential project such as a swimming pool, garage, roof or deck Supreme Paints & Coatings has the right product to suit your needs. 

Customer Photos

Here are some photos of various projects that some of our customers were kind enough to share with us.

Customer: Al W.

Location: San Rafael, CA  |  Product: Platinum Ultra  |  Color: White

Here a few photos sent in from our customer Al W. located in San Rafael, CA. His pool was painted with our Platinum Ultra 2 Part Epoxy Pool Paint in White.

Customer: Andy C

Location: Kingsport TN  |  Product: Platinum Ultra  |  Color: Royal Blue & White

Here are some great before and after photos sent in by our customer Andy C. located in Kingsport, TN. He used the Platinum Ultra 2 Part Epoxy Pool Paint. The body of the pool was done in Royal Blue and the walls were done in White.

Customer: Edward T.

Location: Long Beach, CA  |  Product: Epoxy Zenith  |  Color: Medium Grey 

Here are some great pictures of a large industrial project that were sent in to us by our customer Edward T. from Long Beach, CA. They used our Epoxy Zenith 2 Part Epoxy Paint in the Medium Grey Color.

Customer: Emily K

Location: Richmond, Indiana  |  Product: Platinum Ultra  |  Color: Aqua 

Here is a before and after photo set that was sent in by Emily K. from Richmond, Indiana. These pictures really reflect the transformative power of using a high performance epoxy pool paint in your pool. She was able to achieve this incredible finished result by using our Platinum Ultra in the Aqua color.

Customer: Warren S.

Location: Tylertown, MS  |  Product: Platinum Ultra  |  Colors: Sky Blue & Royal Blue

Here are some pictures of a very large commercial pool that our customer Warren S. from Tylertown, MS sent to us. He used our Platinum Ultra in the Royal Blue color for the walls and then applied our Platinum Ultra in Sky Blue for the surface of the pool.

Customer: Bruce P.

Location: Coconut Creek, FL  |  Product: Platinum Ultra  |  Color: White 

Here are a set of photos that were sent in by our customer Bruce P. from Coconut Creek, FL. He used our Platinum Ultra in White.

Customer: Jason P.

Location: Nashville, TN 37211  |  Product: Platinum Ultra  |  Color: White

Here is a wonderful set of before and after pictures sent in by our customer Jason P. from Nashville, TN. This was for a large commercial pool project. They used our Platinum Ultra in White.

Customer: Godfrey T.

Location: Santa Clarita CA 91321  |  Product:  Platinum Ultra - Medium Blue & Pool Deck Plus - Sand Buff

These photos were sent in by Godfrey T. from Santa Clarita, CA. He used our Platinum Ultra Epoxy Pool Paint in the Medium Blue to paint the inside of his pool which can be viewed in the first photo. He then used our Pool Deck Plus in the Sand Buff color to paint his deck surrounding the pool which can be viewed in the second photo.

Customer: Joel D.  

Location: Franklin, MA  |  Product: Pool Deck Plus  |  Color: White

This photo set was submitted by Joel D. from Franklin, MA who used our Pool Deck Plus in White to paint the area surrounding his pool.

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